> Nerd Nite 8, Phoenix!

Nerd Nite 8, Phoenix!

Thursday, April 26, 2012
8:00pm until 11:00pm
Live cows, dead deer and 4:33′ of undead silence. Nerd Nite 8 is the place to be!
Here’s the Lineup for NNPHX 8
Presentation 1: The Love of Cows in Seventeenth Century Essex, by Erica Fudge.Dairy cows are perhaps the most important and most forgotten figures in English history. They provided protein, i…ncome, dung, and warmth to the humans they lived with, and they had names. Erica Fudge’s research, based mainly on material found in the Essex Record Office in south east England – is an attempt to understand what people thought about their cows in the early seventeenth century. This presentation will involve intrepid tales of cattle hunting in the manuscript room, and the discovery of new, and powerful individuals for historians to contemplate. It will also be about milking, and having four legs – or less.

Erica Fudge is the director of the British Animal Studies Network, and Professor of English Studies at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. She has written about many animals – human and otherwise – but is currently only interested in livestock in seventeenth-century England.

Presentation 2: Baseball, Taxidermy, Mineral Baths… of Course, Arizona! by Marshall Shore

Baseball is a big deal in Arizona and taxidermy is experiencing a resurgence. Marshall Shore will talk about one of his passions, neon, and how it connects baseball and taxidermy through an Arizona historic landmark, The Buckhorn Baths.

Marshall Shore, known in the hood as The Hip Historian, is an “information curator,” who, according to the New Times is “not afraid of dark basements or dusty corners. Shore chooses to ignore the all-too-common claim, ‘Phoenix has no history,’ and is, instead, on a mission to connect the community to its current and historic place.”

Presentation 3: An Exploration of the Music of John Cage”  by Cat Reid

When is music? What type of sound is a musical sound? When is an object an object, and when is an object an instrument? Is music happening now? These questions do not have right or wrong answers but by examining them we can gain insight into the music of John Cage.

Catherine Reid, M.Ed., is an over-educated musician, educator, and audience member dedicated to unpacking all the world’s musical baggage–one performance and/or lesson at a time. Her past and present research explores the integration of popular, digital, and participatory culture into instrumental and general music programs, the educational potential of video game programming and design, experimental music and composers, and 19th century Russian and Soviet music theory.

Carly’s boasts a full bar, great food and no cover. Eat, drink and be Nerdy!See More

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