> Nerd Nite 26: We’d Be Lying if We Said We Didn’t Have Designs on You

Nerd Nite 26: We’d Be Lying if We Said We Didn’t Have Designs on You

nerd nite web

Thursday, April 16th

7pm – 10pm

mod on central

Or “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Aura Would You Hold It Against Me?”

A Design Themed Nerd Nite!
Presentation #1
Chromotrivia (Apologies to David Batchelor)

Color seems like it’s one of those things about which we discover something new every day. Maybe that’s because it’s really just mostly an illusion.

About the Presenter:

Dain Q. Gore is a current Faculty Adjunct at ASU and Phoenix College, completing his MFA in painting at ASU in 2009. Having studied End-Times myths of his culture, he presents Biblical–as well as apocryphal– stories, along with other controversial philosophies with humor. His cast of absurd characters shifts between the religious and secular worlds to suit his own vision of a supernatural realm.

His motto is, Puppets All the Way Up.”
Presentation #2
Brasilia: Good Intentions, epic failures and our alien overlords

What if you had the opportunity to build a city from scratch? You have unlimited funds, four years and a remote stretch of uninhabited tropical savannah. What could possibly go wrong? Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, is a test tube utopia. A mid-century modern epic fail, found at the cross section of communism, federal ejaculation, and Latin mysticism.

Ana Cox went to library school but she would rather watch a movie than read a book. She spends most of her time embedding metadata at Phoenix Art Museum and thinking about public radio. Known to many as “Lil Tex” she would happily discuss the myriad of things she loves about her native land, whether you want her to or not.
And then…..
It’s Design Week Karaoke with Sean Whitcomb and the Mobile Karaoke Unit. Karaoke fans, UNITE!

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