> Nerd Nite 27: School’s Out For Summer. It’s About &^#*(ing Time.

Nerd Nite 27: School’s Out For Summer. It’s About &^#*(ing Time.

When: Thursday, May 21

7pm – 10Pm

Where: mod on Central

2828 N. Central Ave

How much? FREE Admission



For our last scheduled Nerd Nite of the school season, we didn’t overload you with anything that might seem too much like summer studies homework. So relax behind that tall beer of yours, there’ll be no high-end presentations about the inner workings of a bilabial fricative. No mainframe buoyancy performance charts. Nothing more complicated than the flatness of your pocket protector will be discussed. And if there’s anyone in attendance for this evening of low-brow bleatings even remotely resembling Pythagoras Rasputin, or an ASU professor, well, it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Scheduled for the evening’s fun summertime splendish:
1. Embracing the Vortex by Michael Patrick

Sounds complicated but belive us, it ain’t. Esteemed scholar Michael Patrick explores what it means to embrace The Vortex with all ten fingers wiggling in tandem. Exploring themes of philanthropy, string theory and entropy of the ID.

Michael Patrick is an avid reader of fiction, bird watcher and 40K enthusiast

2. The Yeast Infectious Sounds of Bread

Respected rock critic for Phoenix New Times and azcentral (and Nerd Nite co-host) Serene Dominic reprises his 2012 talk on the magical macho mush of David Gates and Bread. The purveyor of such soft-rock classics as “Make It With You,” “Baby I’m a Want You,” “If” and the humiliating “Diary,” Bread held us spellbound for years with this stuff. You pretended not to like it but it took hold of you when you heard it coming out of your dashboard. And now Serene is making it easy for you to be among people who will admit it too. He may been chasing rainbows, but baby, here goes.

3. Confessions of a Jeaopardy Contestant

Amy Thon is a museum employee by day, presidential hotness blogger by night, and was one of the lucky few selected to be a Jeopardy! contestant.

From yelling out answers on your couch to standing at the podium in front of Alex Trebek himself, find out all about what it takes to get yourself on TV and show off your trivia skills!

Special Bonus Addition:

If weather permits , a special sneak preview of a local production of “Rocky Horror at the Firehouse” which runs May 29 and May 30.

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